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Private Investigators

Extensively Trained Private Investigators

Come to SSP when you’re in need of customized private investigative needs. Not all investigative jobs require the same tactics, and we strive to provide you the personalized services that you need. Our expert investigators will be paired based on their skills and will utilize each other’s talents to ensure you get the results you deserve.

Get the results you deserve:

  • Highly Trained Private Investigators

  • Customized Teams

  • Criminal and Civil Defense

  • Surveillance

  • Background Checks

  • Find Missing Persons

  • Body Guards

Private Investigator Private investigations sarasota security patrol

Highly Trained Private Investigators

Accurate Results

Sarasota Security Patrol makes sure to provide you with the most accurate results possible.

Custom Security Teams by Sarasota Security patrol

Custom Security Teams

We provide investigators with the exact skills you’re in need of.

Sarasota Security Patrol Private Security


You can trust in us to monitor any and all activity when we’re on the case.

Missing Persons Missing Person Location Service

Missing Persons

When you’re in need of help locating a missing person, call us.

Professional Bodyguards by Sarasota Security Patrol

Professional Bodyguards

Our team of professional bodyguards GUARANTEE to keep you safe at all times.

Sarasota Security Patrol Private Security

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Security You Can Depend On

You can depend on our highly reliable security officers to provide you with maximum protection.